KuCoin and dealing with a giant company that can’t seem to see the forest for the trees.

So….Have you ever dealt with a gigantic company that is in the right place at the right time and is providing ALMOST the perfect service; that ONE service that you want from a company so badly — but there’s a glaring error that is so restrictive and detrimental that thinking about it makes your teeth hurt? And you can’t seem to do anything about it?

That’s me versus KuCoin.

The issue is simple: It’s hard and expensive to get liquidity to trade with onto KuCoin.

Sure, you can send assets; Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDT, ect. to KuCoin and then trade with them. KuCoin offers lots of trading pairs. Lots of delicious trading pairs that make my mouth water. Or, you can buy USDT with a p2p trade and use a variety of methods like ACH, Cashapp or Zelle with the P2P merchant. Great! except that’s expensive money. I looked today and the best I could find is $1.06 for a dollar, using a P2P trade that allows an ACH. I guess I could do the math and see whether there’s any savings there versus buying Ethereum and eating the gas to send it to KuCoin. I could try to stay up and do the transfer in the middle of the night while gas is cheap. Of course, I still have to get my mitts on Ethereum, which means doing an ACH somewhere else (like Coinbase Pro) and then playing the waiting game for those funds to unlock. I doubt there’s a lot of savings in that and it still doesn’t solve my frustration because the solution is so exceedingly obvious: allow an ACH from my checking account into my main account on KuCoin. All I want to do is buy coins, KuCoin. I want to do it with the least hassle and fee’s possible. Other platforms are making that happen.

Am I like, the first to think of this?

It seems like it. I get NOWHERE when I bring it up with KuCoin support. Instead of giving me any kind of answer about why they don’t support ACH from checking onto their platform, they just point out the P2P option to onboard, or that I can buy crypto with a credit card. What an option THAT is! Anybody who has ever fallen for the old Buy Crypto with a Credit Card Trick and paid THOSE fees will certainly not admit to it in public.

I told them that they need to hire me and I’ll solve the problem for them. I’d make it happen. I’d get it done! I’d increase their trade volume by 10% myself, wallowing in all those succulent trading pairs on the day the ACH magic came to fruition. But I didn’t really get much of a positive response to that offer either.

Oh well. I think they’ll get it eventually. If you want to increase the adoption of crypto, you need to make it easy to trade. Seems like that ought to have been the first topic addressed in their first ever corporate meeting. I would have brought it up myself if I had been there. I’da been a hero! I’da said: “Guys, we want to spread this crypto thing. Lets make crypto easy to get. Lets let people link their checking account to our account and then let them buy projects that they think are going to change the world. In a year, everybody is going to own some crypto!”

Hey, KuCoin, I’m easy to find. Give me a call. You have my phone number. Lets talk about it. I’ll change your world. I’ll increase your trade volume. I’ll be your hero.

Crypto Enthusiast

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Richard Spindler

Richard Spindler

Crypto Enthusiast

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